Curriculum Vitae

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2015-present University of California, San Diego
Third-year doctoral student in Linguistics
2012-2015 Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri
B.A. in Linguistics and Music, Magna cum Laude
Journal Articles
to appear A. Mai, A. Aguilar, & G. Caballero. Ja'a Kumiai. Journal of the IPA. [pdf]
Conference Presentations
May 2017 A. Mai & M. Garellek. Tone and phonation in Green Mong song.
Southern California Annual Meeting in Phonology (SCAMP), Los Angeles, CA (UCLA). [pdf]
April 2015 A. Mai. Effects of Variable Clause Density on Perception and Memory.
Great Lakes Expo for Experimental and Formal Undergrad. Linguistics (GLEEFUL), Lansing, MI (MSU).
April 2014 A. Mai. Universals in Conceptual Metaphors of Emotion.
St. Louis Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (STLAURS), Carbondale, IL (UI Carbondale).
Fall 2016 Pragmatics (LIGN 160) TA under Andy Kehler
Spring 2016 Psycholinguistics (LIGN 170) TA under So-One Hwang
Winter 2016 First & Second Language Learning:
From Childhood through Adolescence (LIGN119)
TA under Alicia Munoz Sanchez
Fall 2015 Introduction to Linguistics (LIGN 101) TA under Eric Bakovic
Grants & Awards
June 2017 Kavli Institute for the Brain and Mind Innovative Research Grant.
P. Reinagel, T. Gentner, E. Bakovic, A. Mai & L. Hill
Testing The Vocal-Vagal Hypothesis
May 2016 UCSD Academic Senate Grant
A. Mai & E. Bakovic
Developing a Linguistic Formalism of Rapped Verse
June 2016 UC San Diego Linguistics Department TA Excellence Award
July 2015 LSA Linguistic Summer Institute Fellowship
Research Experience & Affiliations
2015-present Phonetics Lab, Linguistics Department, UC San Diego
2016-present Gentner Lab, Psychology Department / Neurosciences Program, UC San Diego
2016-present Voytek Lab, Cognitive Science Department, UC San Diego
2012-2015 Research Assistant, Peelle Lab, Otolaryngology Department, Washington University in St. Louis
2016-present Ad hoc supplementary reviewer for Phonology.
2016-present UC San Diego Linguistics Department Colloquium Committee,
Graduate Student Member
2012-2015 UC San Diego Linguistics Department Open House Committee,
Graduate Student Member
Jan. 2015 Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Volunteer
Professional Affiliations
2015-present Linguistic Association of America
Languages French-Advanced; Japanese-Intermediate; Korean-Elementary
Code Praat Script; Python; R; Java; C++; HTML; LaTeX
Software Praat; Adobe Creative Suite; Microsoft Office Suite; Audacity; Digital Performer; Max MSP; ProTools; Sibelius
Fieldwork Ja'a Kumiai, since 2016